Jake Paul Responds After Getting DRAGGED On Twitter For Telling People Anxiety Is All In Their Heads

Controversial YouTube star Jake Paul was absolutely DRAGGED on Twitter Monday after posting a tweet claiming “anxiety is created by you.” He then deleted the bizarre message hours later out of apparent shame when it turned out his, umm, medical diagnosis s**ty opinion wasn’t exactly met with open arms on the social media platform.

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It all started when the Team 10 turd-burglar posted this trashy tweet (below):

Jake Paul says anxiety is in your head(c) Jake Paul/Twitter


Now there is some good advice buried in that tweet; doing things like taking a walk outside and talking to a friend can both certainly help mitigate some of the effects of anxiety in certain situations. But full-on treatment requires the help of a medical professional and often involves therapy or possibly medication, and simply taking a walk is NOT a cure to magically wipe anxiety away forever. Come on, Jake! You MUST know better than that!!!

Almost immediately afterward, the internet came after the 23-year-old vlogging superstar, calling him out for making something as serious as anxiety seem so treatable by simply reminding yourself to “be happy.”

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One sarcastic Twitter user made fun of Jake’s stupid-simple approach with a hilarious fake graph (below):


If it were that simple, surely noted internet meathead Jake Paul wouldn’t have been the first to come up with it, ya know?!

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Other responders weren’t quite as charitable with their humor, though. One user was particularly pissed off at the people who continue to support Paul and give him a platform to spout his nonsense, tweeting:

To Jake Paul and the 25.7k people who liked this… F**K YOU. The fact that millions of people still watch your videos and support you when you keep showing over and over again how trash you are baffles me”

Another one added a particularly sarcastic touch in reference to Paul’s own “go outside” command:

“wow @jakepaul was right about my anxiety I went for a walk and drank some water and suddenly all the negative thoughts driving my anxiety disorders were suddenly gone! it’s like the whole world has opened up for me! but seriously people, talk to a medical professional. not jake paul”

Amen!!! And one woman took a remarkably measured attempt at talking back to Jake, in response to his tweet before he deleted it. She had to say:

“This is actually really harmful. Anxiety can be incredibly physical as well as mental. Mental illness is not the fault of the sufferer. Please delete this, you are doing actual harm to your followers who very well may need to be seeking professional help for their problems.”

Very well said!!!

For what it’s worth, he did respond to the backlash with another tweet, admitting he was “spreading more awareness” about anxiety:


What do U think about Jake’s controversial mental health comments here, Perezcious readers?!

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